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Typically a résumé gets less than a 30 second review from most recruiters.

A candidate in an meeting room with three interviewers.

Recruiters use keywords and acronyms to narrow down the thousands of résumés in various résumé databases to a manageable number. You may be the best at what you do, but if your résumé doesn’t have the right words on it, you may never even be seen. Together we will develop a résumé that will be found and draw the attention of various recruiters. Once the résumé has been identified as being a possible fit, then it is reviewed in greater detail. The résumé we put together will have the details that will make a recruiter pick up the phone and want to speak with you.

At this point, you will need to make a decision. Do you need help with your résumé? Read a few of the scenarios below and decide if you need any assistance.

I believe that you may have a bad résumé if....

  • You sat down at the computer and started typing
  • A résumé writing service asked you to complete a questionnaire and indicated that they can truly represent you on paper
  • You wrote your résumé in an emotional state of mind
  • Your spouse or friend reads your résumé and afterward, they can’t accurately explain what you do for a living
  • You used a lot of acronyms or technical jargon like MCP, CCNA, ASTD, MAC, SPHR, NCOIC, AIRs, MOS, NOC
  • You haven’t quantified accomplishments listed on your résumé
  • Your Objective is generic
  • You use terms or titles from an organization that aren’t used elsewhere
  • You don’t know the difference between a chronological and a functional résumé
  • The company you are considering using to write your résumé guarantees interviews or jobs
  • A résumé writing service says that all you need is for them to re-write your résumé

If you feel that you need some assistance and someone on your side, please review the pricing page and contact me.

“David’s resume review service proved to be the difference that separated my resume from the large field of job seekers. Having the desired skill sets, talent and experience is often times not enough to land you an interview with today’s busy hiring recruiters and managers. David’s gift for understanding what employers are looking for in candidates coupled with his keen placement of eye catching details ensured that my resume stood out above the rest. Having personally used his service, I would highly recommend it to any serious executive applicant looking to get a coveted interview. ”
— Juan (Hospital Administrator)
“A resume is your first impression to a prospective employer. Your resume is presentation of your education, skill set, and career accomplishments. David took my old resume and worked his magic. My resume had the proper key words to get noticed and past the gatekeepers. David’s years in recruiting give him an advantage to know what a resume needs, and how to show the best first impression. Thanks David for your help.”
— Bernard (Consultant at BP)
“Prepping for a successful interview requires considerable research and planning. David’s years of personal interview coaching proved to be the major difference for me in my last executive interview. David personally interviewed me to assess my strengths and weaknesses and then we spent hours customizing all of my responses and gestures to ensure that my strengths were accentuated and my weaknesses diminished. Following David’s coaching; I arrived for the interview with confidence and left with the job.”
— Juan (Hospital Administrator)
“Even after 12 years in the Talent Acquisition field I found that using David as my resume and interview coach paid huge dividends. His in-depth knowledge of recruiting and interviewing helped give me an edge when interviewing.”
— John (Director, Global Talent Acquisition)
“David Morgan’s job searching approach allows the candidate to carefully identify his objective, create a dynamic set of targets within that framework, understand and strategically position strengths and weaknesses to his advantage. Establishing the targeted industry or company as the center of the strategy, as opposed to oneself, has the effect of producing faster and better results in a process as relevant in our careers and our life. His invaluable input will stay with you for years to come, as your career evolves further.”
— Joel (Financial Services)
“Before employing Career Moves 2000, my job search consisted of four months of countless applications, six resume views on Monster, and one job interview... of which I was unable to capitalize due to resume ambiguity. After turning to CM2K, I quickly understood the difference between a job hunt and a career search. CM2K combines over a decade of industry recruiting experience and human resources prowess with cutting-edge search strategies and resume-writing tools. After meeting with CM2K, I finally had a corner-office-level resume. Within the next 20 days, I had a two interviews, a six-figure job offer, AND the corner office.”
— Paul (Operations Management)
“David's talent in resume writing was a blessing to me. I was looking for new employment and had not touched my resume in years. I updated it as best I could, and sent it to a few prospective employers but did not get any responses. That is when I called David. His expertise in creating and rebuilding my resume was powerful. He communicated with me throughout his writings and asked many questions to create a more effective and attractive resume. With that said, once we agreed on what my final resume should express, I sent it to prospective employers and received calls back immediately. I have also referred others to David who have needed his skills and have had the same results.”
— Sonya (Business Development Manager)
Employers interviewing a candidate Resume in an employer's hands An interview in process sign on an office door. employer and candidate shaking hands